Learn about the
Zambezi River Valley

Where is the Zambezi River located?

The Zambezi River runs through eight countries, including Zambia, Angola, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

Zambezi, the River of Life

The Zambezi River basin represents a vast interconnected ecosystem. The life giving waters of the river flow year-round, making it an important resource for people and animals alike. The constant growth along its shores supports grasses and water plants that are eaten by hippos, which can consume more than 80 pounds a day.

What types of animals call the Zambezi home?

The Zambezi River Valley is home to a diverse group of animals. Some are endemic, which means that they can only be found in the Zambezi River ecosystem. There are more than 200 mammal, 700 bird, 200 reptile and 90 amphibian species found in this ecosystem. Twenty of the bird species are endemic to the Zambezi. Twenty-seven butterfly species are also endemic.