Questions about
Zambezi River Hippo Camp

Walk-thru of Exhibit

Click here to download a copy of the Zambezi walk thru map.

Length of Stay

We suggest you allot at least two to three hours to fully tour the Memphis Zoo. Some people like to stay the whole day!

Zambezi River Hippo Camp Merchandise

Our main gift shop, the Elephant's Trunk, has Zambezi-branded merchandise for children and adults.

How do iBeacons work?

Beacons are just what their name implies: little wireless radios that emit a Bluetooth signal over and over again announcing "Here I am! Here I am! Here I am!..." That's it; by themselves beacons are not of much use. However, the zoo's mobile app is programmed to listen for these beacons and knows how to respond. 

When your app "hears" a beacon, it can push specific content to you based on your location. You could receive great information like coupons, flash sales, supplemental content, and more. 

Guide to interacting with beacons: 

  • Make sure you have the Memphis Zoo app downloaded on your device
  • Make sure your bluetooth is enabled on your device 
  • When the app asks to allow Memphis Zoo to push messages, allow it. we promise to respect your privacy and will only send messages to enhance your zoo visit. 
  • When the app asks to grant permission to access your location, allow it. This is only used to determine proximity to beacons 
  • Have fun!

Are there bathrooms in Zambezi River Hippo Camp?

Yes, there are! They are located in the main rondavel.

Can I/my company rent Zambezi?

Yes, you can! Click here to find out more.

Is there a restaurant in Zambezi?

While there's not a restaurant in the Zambezi exhibit, there is a food cart right out front! The Cat House Café is just right around the corner, in the main Courtyard.